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Love Comes Around Again - Behind the Music

My second collection was made here in the Pennsylvania back-country with players I found at an open mic in Barto. Barto is a blip on the map between Reading and Allentown - So lets hear a round of applause for humble backwoods open mics, these players are pros with chops as good as it gets.

Simply Free was actually written in Santa Barbara about the mystery of this life, which is what all my songs are about. I managed to do this sweet duo with Ben Arnold, one of the best Philly singer-songwriters ever. Thanks, Ben.

The second song, Love comes around, was written to celebrate the life and the passing of my dear friend John, and all the rest are about the ups and downs, rounds and rounds, of relationship stuff. Its all good, even when its bad, cause it gives me reason to write the songs and then produce them with the help of my dear friends. So thanks to Karl, Roy, Jack, Wayne, Hoop, Will, Ted, Rich, Bob, and L'il Barrie for being my producers, players, guardian angels, and best friends.

Once again, thanks for listening

Bonnie Wren - Coyote Moon

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