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Bonnie Wren. Originally from Pennsylvania. Lived all over America, traveled the world. A mom, aunt, sister, and wife. :) I have dabbled passionately in music, particularly singing, since I was born. It is my huge core fun. My best friends and compadres have usually been players who let me indulge my singing jones. I go into a recording studio anywhere and immediately these guys are kindred spirits. I sing them the song with my kindergarten playing and they just jump into it and lay down amazing tracks and then they let me do a vocal with the headphones on. What a blast for a singer. Then they embellish it more and let me finish with a second vocal, harmonies, whatever. They just twirl those buttons and move those levers and work that magic and then they bring me into their part of the studio and they play it for me and I'm always just blown away - Every time. I hope I get to do this for many future lifetimes. I have lived on both coasts and sometimes in my beloved New Mexico. I am blessed to be a traveler and a pilgrim and make it all sacred with the music I make out of it, and still pay the bills, etc. Most recently I've found an open mic at a backwoods bar in Pennsylvania near where I live and once again, I've found all those sweet angel musicians to play and sing with every Thursday night. So its all good, I guess. Thanks for listening.

Bonnie Wren - Coyote Moon

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